Saturday, July 31, 2004

Two days ago I posted a new topic on the WABC message board. As of 7/30/04 at 10:43PM it is the seventh most viewed topic on the entire message board. 84 people have viewed my post and 12 people have posted comments. Several people have posted comments on Talk Radio Fan.

Did anyone listen to Curtis and Kuby on 77WABC show this morning? Mark Simone is filling in for Curtis Sliwa and "The Friday Morning Fights" were hilarious. In case you are not familiar with this part of the C & K program here's the deal. Callers leave questions and each host has thirty-seconds to answer. A ref decides who wins. This was clearly Simone's first time on the mat. The first question: "What famous 16th century fisherman is the Abu Ghraib prison named after?" Ron Kuby was up first and responded: "Abu clearly means father, and Ghraib means raven so the answer is "Father Raven!" Mark Simone's head must have been spinning as you could hear the astonishment in his voice. Then it was revealed that this question was fixed and they all got a laugh about it. Listening to Mark Simone trying to answer was hilarious. He clearly knows his stuff but he is not used to having thirty-seconds to answer. "What the hell did he just say?" and "Are these people drunk?" were a couple of his initial responses to questions. He did answer the questions but clearly having thirty-seconds to come up with a cohesive answer was not something he was used to having to do.

Here's a little juicy exchange from the WABC message board regarding Ron Kuby
"On this morning's show, Ron Kuby asked why we would consider John McCain a war hero, when he was shot down and jailed for most of his time in Viet Nam!"
" I couldn't believe he said this! Ron's OK with Kerry (who got outta there as fast as he could, and then did everything he could do upon his return to undermine the men that were left there) being a war hero, but not with McCain. Even after Mark Simone told Ron that McCain could have been set free from the Hanoi Hilton, but refused to leave his men behind. Usually Ron doesn't bother me, but this was over the line. He's a smug jackass!"

Listening to 790KABC ( tonite (online). It's a station from sunny California.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Is Glenn Beck getting kickbacks by constantly promoting "Assassin" by Ted Bell? You're right. Kickback city, baby!
Reader Poll
1. Who is the best-looking talk show host? Sean Hannity/Monica Crowley tie
2. What show has the best sound bytes? Laura Ingraham
3. What host would you most like to hang out with for a few hours? Glenn Beck
4. Who is the most annoying host? Mark Levin
5. What host has the best hair? Sean Hannity
6. Do you prefer female hosts or male? It doesn't really matter
7. Do you prefer to listen to talk online or on the radio? At work - radio. At home -online
8. Host with the best voice? Rush Limbaugh 1st, Mark Simone 2nd, Ron Kuby 3rd

You can post your comments "anonymously." As soon as I get a few results from all you people I will post them. You can make your answers as short or as long as you want. All of your comments will be posted on the main page. Keep talking, America...

Someone responded to a post on a message board that I am member of and said that I should concentrate on having better content. Hey, this is just a hobby, not my life. I set up Talk Radio Fan as a way to communicate with other like-minded people - to my knowledge there are no other sites created by talk radio fans. Speaking of talk show hosts who also write books, I just got "Shut Up & Sing" by Laura Ingraham.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Listening to Mark Levin on 77WABC (online). This guy is highly entertaining but he seems to be really short of patience. I guess his B.S. Radar is in top-form so he can weed out the crackpots pretty quickly but he still seems really short with too many people. An appealing quality of Talk Radio for me is knowing that a familiar voice will always be there. Since my job allows me to be near a radio for much of my day (7:30am - 5:00pm) the hosts of the programs that I listen to have become my friends. Here's the programs that I tune into: unless noted all programs are on WABC 77AM New York City
Monday - Friday
7:30   - 10:00  Kurtis and Kuby
10:00 - 12:00  Glenn Beck on  News Radio WAEB 790 AM Lehigh Valley, PA
12:00 -   3:00  Rush Limbaugh
3:00   -   5:00  Sean Hannity
6:00   -   8:00  Mark Levin  (online)
8:00   - 10:00  Laura Ingraham on  (online)
7:30   - 10:00  Mark Simone
10:00 -   1:00  Monica Crowley
1:00   -   4:00  Ron Insana
7:30   -   9:00  Religion on the Line
9:00  -  12:00  Steve Malsberg
12:00  -  4:00  Monica Crowley 
Online I try to tune into I am a little stuck on WABC though. Michael Reagan (the sane son of Ronald Reagan) has a great show and they play alot of refeeds of the show. Check out the schedule. 

What are your favorite programs/hosts?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I will be glad when the election is three months behind us. I'm listening to Laura Ingraham on 77WABC (online) right now and she's at the convention in Boston. There's so much at stake with this election and most talk show hosts are in top form and it's enjoyable/educational to listen to them because it forces you to form opinions but it seems to get me a little stressed in some ways.
Here's an interesting quote that I found from 2002:
"Why do leftist hate talk radio so? Because they're so damned bad at it, that's why. There is not ONE successful, money-making, listened-to talk radio show in the entire nation that is hosted by a leftist. Not one. I've gone into the reasons for the leftist failure at talk radio before – and I'm not here to completely rehash that question now. Suffice it to say that leftists wilt in the face of fact and logic … and talk radio callers kill them with it. "
The 25 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time (according to Talkers Magazine Online
1. Rush Limbaugh2. Howard Stern3. Don Imus4. Larry King5. Sally Jessy Raphael6. Bruce Williams7. Dr. Laura Schlessinger8. Barry Gray9. Barry Farber10. Dr. Joy Browne11. Michael Jackson12. Art Bell13. Ronn Owens14. Jerry Williams15. Neil Rogers16. Bob Grant17. Long John Nebel18. David Brudnoy19. Arthur Godfrey20. Bill Ballance21. Neal Boortz22. J.P. McCarthy23. Jean Shepherd24. Gene Burns25. G. Gordon Liddy
(Do any of you have an opinion on this list?)

Rush Limbaugh named recipient of 2004 Freedom of Speech Award
The 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America - Class of 2004

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How old are these talkers anyway? 
Mark Simone took Curtis Sliwa's place on the "Curtis and Kuby" show today on 77WABC. John is usually only on Saturday mornings. Curtis Sliwa is at an undisclosed location because of threats from the mob. When I first heard Mark Simone I thought he would be about 55 - 65 years old because he sounds so distinguished, refined and gentlemanly. When I finally saw his photo on his website (link to the right) he looks to be about only 40. What gives? Speaking of age - does anyone know how old Glenn Beck is? He's gotta be my age or a year younger. I am 37. Speaking of age. On Monica Crowley's show yesterday she mentioned the photo of her and Ben Afleck that is on her website - she bemoaned the fact that he was so liberal and that if he wasn't he could've been "Benica" (making a play on the whole "Bennifer" Jennifer Lopez thing) - get it? Ben + Monica = Benica?. So now my question is - how old is Monica Crowley? Ben Afleck looks to be about 32? Is Monica around that age? Judging by her bio I doubt it. 

What the heck? Glenn Beck off all week? I don't remember him giving a warning about this. The guy who is replacing him sounds a lot like him but it still ain't Glenn.

Sean Hannity is on the floor at the Democratic Convention in Boston. He's calling the convention "The Flip - Flop Reinvention Convention." Funny hearing him confront liberals on their stances right at the convention. They step up to the mic though. Who invited that guy anyway? He does not  consider himself a journalist so what gives?

Gotti and others indicted for trying to kill WABC's Curtis Sliwa
After 12 years, John Gotti Jr. has been indicted for planning the attempted hit on WABC Talk Show Host Curtis Sliwa. 3 other reputed mafia members were also indicted along with him for attempted murder and kidnapping charges. All were picked up last night, except for Gotti who is still in prison for earlier crimes. It was June, of 1992, when Curtis was coming to work at WABC to do his morning show around 5am. He got in a cab outside his Greenwich Village apartment. A masked gunman was in hiding in the front seat, rose up and shot Curtis 5 times in the lower abdomen, while Curtis struggled with the gun. The cab wrecked into the curb….while Curtis crawled out of the back window bleeding, hoping for help. The gunman and cab driver, apparently both mafia hitmen, ran off thinking he was a dead man. Curtis has consistently railed against Gotti Jr, his late father, and the Gottia crime family. Earlier in 1992 he was attacked by four men wielding baseball bats and was nearly killed. Then the second attack a few months later that placed him in the hospital for months. Still Curtis has never stopped talking about the crimes of the mafia. The NYPD at the time investigated the case, and dismissed the notion that the Gotti crime family was behind the attacks. In fact, Curtis reported at the time the first cops on the scene laughed when he told them the story. The cops even forwarded a “love triangle� theory that may have led to his eventual divorce from his on-air co-host at the time, Lisa Evers. Today, Curtis hosts the 7th rated morning show in New York City with Ron Kuby. Ironically, Kuby has represented the Gotti family on other problems, and in 2000 had his own mafia hit man troubles. Former mafia hitman Sammy “The Bull� Gravano had placed a hit on Kuby on two occasions, after Kuby sued Gravano on behalf of the victims families who Gravano had killed.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Listening to Radio America

Ah, yes - talk radio...the place where everyday people get to voice their opinions to the masses. I am hooked.

Today on 77WABC I caught Steve Malzberg's program. Steve was hot as he interviewed George McGovern. McGovern called Steve a "rightwing reactionary." Maybe he thought that was a cut. The remark came after Steve demanded that he answer a question (which he never did). Typical of libs. Get stuck - call names!

Monica Crowley was on from 12 - 4pm. Monica interviewed McGovern yesterday (he has a new book out). I've been accused of having an "obsession" with Monica but that's not really the case. She's got one of the best radio voices and she makes my Saturdays and Sundays bearable at work. I wish she was on air more than just two days a week.

I started listening to talk radio again a few months ago after being away for some years. Since I am in a vehicle for most of my work day I needed something to stimulate thought and talk radio fit the bill. Many people accuse talk radio hosts of being "biased" but that's not really the case. Most hosts just reflect the common sense of the masses hence the popularity of talk radio.

As Talk Radio Fan  gets off the starting blocks over the next week or so I encourage you to chime in with your feedback about your favorite shows/hosts. Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

P.S. If you sit in front of the computer as much as I do you should check out these stations both of which you can listen to online:
Radio America