Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How old are these talkers anyway? 
Mark Simone took Curtis Sliwa's place on the "Curtis and Kuby" show today on 77WABC. John is usually only on Saturday mornings. Curtis Sliwa is at an undisclosed location because of threats from the mob. When I first heard Mark Simone I thought he would be about 55 - 65 years old because he sounds so distinguished, refined and gentlemanly. When I finally saw his photo on his website (link to the right) he looks to be about only 40. What gives? Speaking of age - does anyone know how old Glenn Beck is? He's gotta be my age or a year younger. I am 37. Speaking of age. On Monica Crowley's show yesterday she mentioned the photo of her and Ben Afleck that is on her website - she bemoaned the fact that he was so liberal and that if he wasn't he could've been "Benica" (making a play on the whole "Bennifer" Jennifer Lopez thing) - get it? Ben + Monica = Benica?. So now my question is - how old is Monica Crowley? Ben Afleck looks to be about 32? Is Monica around that age? Judging by her bio I doubt it. 

What the heck? Glenn Beck off all week? I don't remember him giving a warning about this. The guy who is replacing him sounds a lot like him but it still ain't Glenn.

Sean Hannity is on the floor at the Democratic Convention in Boston. He's calling the convention "The Flip - Flop Reinvention Convention." Funny hearing him confront liberals on their stances right at the convention. They step up to the mic though. Who invited that guy anyway? He does not  consider himself a journalist so what gives?

Gotti and others indicted for trying to kill WABC's Curtis Sliwa
After 12 years, John Gotti Jr. has been indicted for planning the attempted hit on WABC Talk Show Host Curtis Sliwa. 3 other reputed mafia members were also indicted along with him for attempted murder and kidnapping charges. All were picked up last night, except for Gotti who is still in prison for earlier crimes. It was June, of 1992, when Curtis was coming to work at WABC to do his morning show around 5am. He got in a cab outside his Greenwich Village apartment. A masked gunman was in hiding in the front seat, rose up and shot Curtis 5 times in the lower abdomen, while Curtis struggled with the gun. The cab wrecked into the curb….while Curtis crawled out of the back window bleeding, hoping for help. The gunman and cab driver, apparently both mafia hitmen, ran off thinking he was a dead man. Curtis has consistently railed against Gotti Jr, his late father, and the Gottia crime family. Earlier in 1992 he was attacked by four men wielding baseball bats and was nearly killed. Then the second attack a few months later that placed him in the hospital for months. Still Curtis has never stopped talking about the crimes of the mafia. The NYPD at the time investigated the case, and dismissed the notion that the Gotti crime family was behind the attacks. In fact, Curtis reported at the time the first cops on the scene laughed when he told them the story. The cops even forwarded a “love triangle� theory that may have led to his eventual divorce from his on-air co-host at the time, Lisa Evers. Today, Curtis hosts the 7th rated morning show in New York City with Ron Kuby. Ironically, Kuby has represented the Gotti family on other problems, and in 2000 had his own mafia hit man troubles. Former mafia hitman Sammy “The Bull� Gravano had placed a hit on Kuby on two occasions, after Kuby sued Gravano on behalf of the victims families who Gravano had killed. http://www.wabcradio.com/showdj.asp?DJID=1726


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