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Interview with Scott @ Mark Levin Fan and a rerun of the Mark Levin Interview

The following is an interview with Scott who created the first fan website for talk radio host, Mark Levin...

What happened that drove you to start a Mark Levin fan site? Was there something that happened that just pushed you to do it?
Leading up to the elections last Fall, I was in the routine of driving my kids to their after-school activities. While in my car, I always listen to talk radio. One evening while driving my son to his karate lessons, I tuned into Mark Levin. I didn't know my son was listening until Mark hung up on a liberal caller saying, "Get off the phone, you big dope!" My son laughed so hard, he was in tears! After that, I made a point of tuning into Mark's show so my son could listen. Then my son started asking me questions about Mark that I couldn't answer. I told him I had looked on the Internet for his website, but he apparently didn't have one. My son asked, "Why don't you make one for him?" That question sparked the idea of creating this blog. I had no idea how to do it, but I did a few Google searches and easily learned how.
You email with Mark on a regular basis. How did you first get in touch with him?
I was running this blog for over a month, but didn't know if Mark even knew it was out there. Mark does not have a public email address. I sent messages to WABC, but got no response. One evening, I heard Mark interview David Limbaugh and describe him as a close friend, so I posted the audio of that interview on the blog. Then I went to David's web site and sent him an email telling him about my blog and the recent post. David replied back and promised to talk to Mark about it, which he did. David made the introduction for me and Mark began to correspond.
What are your emails about? What do you talk about?
I don't want to pry into his private life, so our emails are mostly about the show, the blog and issues of the day.
Is there some kind of "next level" that you'd like to take your site to?
I can see the site will NEED to go to a new level. Most of the software I use for this site is either free or very inexpensive. It is my guess that Mark's show will become nationally syndicated sooner or later. When that happens, the traffic will become way out of control. I currently get around 200 visitors a day. That could easily jump to 2,000 a day, due to an increased national audience. When that happens, I will need to upgrade to a more robust and costly group of software and server infrastructure to stay up and running. Technically, it will be easy to do, but I will first need a means to finance it.
How did you first become interested in Talk Radio?
I used to only listen to rock music and sports talk radio. Then in January of 1993, I discovered Rush Limbaugh and became hooked on talk radio.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Since creating this site, I have gained a great group of new friends who are all Mark Levin fans, as well!

Monday, September 06, 2004
Interview with Mark Levin by Talk Radio Fan
(completed 9/9/04)
Mr. Levin can be heard online at following Sean Hannity. At first he comes off as brash and obnoxious but after awhile you can get onto his "vibe." But I'm sure if you're reading this you've already made up your mind as to whether you hate him or love him! But love him or hate him - his program is always engaging, enlightening and entertaining...
What brought you into the world of Talk Radio? Was there a series of events that led you up to the point where you felt you wanted your own radio program or was it something that you always wanted to do?
I've been an avid talk radio listener since I was 12 or 13 years old. I lived in Philadelphia and used to adjust my radio dial late at night to pick up Bob Grant, among others. When I was 16, I actually hosted a radio show for one-day on the old WCAU AM (CBS). A friend was a early morning DJ on another Philly station, WWDB FM, and I'd observe him hosting every now and then. I always wanted to host a radio show, but I never really expected to. So, I went into law and politics, eventually met Rush and Sean, and the rest is history.
What types of music do you like to listen to when you are relaxing?
I like all types of music. Always have. I suppose my favorite is Motown.
What are your favorite Motown artists, and why?
Temptations, Four Tops, Al Green ... I also like Ray Charles. Why? It's really not a matter of "why." It just is.
How many hours a day do you spend preparing for the program?
I prepare many, many hours. Although I also run a legal foundation, I am constantly looking at the day's news. It never ends. Right after I go off the air, until I'm back on the next evening. I also do additional research to add some history and context to current events.
Can you please describe your dream vacation?
I don't take enough vacations, but I like spending time with my family. The location is secondary.
What was the last great fiction book that you read?
I mostly read non-fiction. I believe I'm the last person on the face of the earth to have read the Hunt for Red October, which I finished about 2 weeks ago. I saw the movie years ago.
Which daily newspaper is your favorite and why?
I have two: New York Post and Washington Times. But I read many.
Do you ever feel politics are driving you to "the brink" and just want to escape from it all?
There are times when I tire of politics, but not often. Politics is but one area of my interest. History, economics, law and, most of all, family.
Have you ever gotten hate mail? If so do you ever try to communicate with the person so you can maybe change their mind?
I don't respond to hate mail. I do, from time to time, respond to people who disagree with me, depending on my time availability.
What host(s) do you think are under-rated and deserve a much larger audience? Please explain...
I honestly don't listen to many other hosts, except Rush and Sean whenever I can.
Do you have any sort of "studio rituals" that help you get through a program like cup of coffee on the left, newspapers to the right, etc?
I have my computer screen at the right back of my desk, my clock at the center back of my desk, and my printer at the left back of my desk. I usually have the TV on the Fox News Channel (muted, of course) to make sure I'm on top of any breaking news. My show-prep papers are placed in the order I plan on using them, although that frequently changes depending on the course of the show. I usually have a glass of water of either Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke on my desk as well.
What's the deal with calling Sean "Doctor" and Sean calling you "Doctor"? How did that get started?
Sean used to do a segment each week in which he gave helpful advice to callers. So, I would call in with a joke, and refer to him as Dr. Hannity. He would call me Dr. Levin. That's how it started. Any last comments...
I am blessed to be a host on the best station in America, and to have the best audience in America. Not too bad for a first-time radio host.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stayed up late last night and listened to Coast to Coast AM. Am I the only one excited to find out the results of the test on the DNA from a Bigfoot?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Philly Talk ( is an awesome resource for online Talk Radio fans. Check out the Streaming Audio section which is just amazing...tons of shows online all over the country 24/7.
Talkers magazine has a lot of good stuff for fans of Talk Radio. Click here to read their up to the minute listing of the hottest topics being discussed by hosts and callers on Talk Radio. I just switched from Radio America over to 77WABC and Laura Ingraham.
Since I "restarted" this blog this week I decided to post a small announcement on the WABC message board. My message was removed because I mentioned the address of my harmless blog. Last summer I posted the address with no problems. I see there is a lot of hatred for the talk show host Michael Savage. You can listen to him online here: I purchased one of his books last summer and loved it.... I am listening to tonite. Favorite Glenn Beck quote from the Monday show: "I want my police to be able to shoot people in the head!"

Monday, July 25, 2005

This is a must for Mark Levin fans: A Mark Levin soundboard! Hear all your favorite Mark Levin quotes! Also visit the best Mark Levin fansite:
Here's my daily listening schedule for Talk Radio and some brief comments. I work 7:30 am till 5:00 pm everyday and only get two talk stations (both listed on the right). I don't listen to Talk Radio that much at home...
Mornings: Curtis and Kuby on WABC till 10:00 am. Seriously, I'd love Ron Kuby to have his own show. He's incredibly articulate and likeable and has a great radio voice. Curtis' voice gets on my nerves at time. Glenn Beck on WAEB till 12:00 pm. With Glenn's show I never know what he'll talk about and I love that.
Afternoon: Rush till 3:00 pm. Hannity until I leave work on WABC or WAEB.
Evenings: Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham on WABC if I am in the car or I feel like tuning in my Grundig radio. I try to stay awake for Coast to Coast AM but I usually can't.
Weekends: On Saturday mornings (on WABC) I never miss Mark Simone. On Sunday mornings (on WABC) I never miss Steve Malzberg. I am hit or miss with Monica Crowley's show... I sometimes listen to financial shows on WABC but find them a little boring since I have no money...

New link added: Global Talk Radio ( is an internet station that is huge in content. I have not fully explored it yet but plan too. Internet talk radio has it's advantages. If one show gets boring, there are endless amounts of other shows that you can skip over to...
It's been a while Talk Radio Fans. C.S. from Lansing, MI wrote to me asking me if I knew about Jay Diamond who had an evening show on WABC (from New York City). If anyone has the answer, please let us know. Due to reason that absolutely no one would be interested, Talk Radio Fan was on quite an extended hiatus. If I could find a partner with some savvy in the way of setting up web pages, I'd like to take this site to the next level. I already purchased the domain name I'd like to see go international and feature lengthy interviews with talk radio hosts from around the world. Posts should come frequently now. If you want to write a piece about why you love Talk Radio, please email me what you've written. Currently listening to: How many of you listen to talk radio on the internet? What are your favorite shows? All replies will be posted.