Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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I love all of the newly-elected Liberals across the country, Hillary Clinton, CNN, and other forms of media that keep saying "The American people have spoken and they are not happy with George W. Bush's policy in Iraq." Well, since the average American gets their news from one glance over the newspaper and ten minutes a day of network news or CNN of course they will be against anything that our country is doing in Iraq since the sources of news that they absorb are all overwhelmingly anti-President Bush. News makers and news reporters are constantly engaged in calling our President names, belittling him and insulting him and since this is all that most Americans hear of course they will begin repeating what they read in the editorial pages or what comes out of certain people's mouths. To put it simply: The media bashes Bush on a regular basis then conducts polls that prove that many people don't like Bush. It's like walking around in a room and hitting people over the head with a hammer and then conducting a survey to prove that yes, indeed, most people in the room suffer from headaches.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dennis Miller on Sean Hannity / His own show?

Dennis Miller to have his own radio talk show. Here's some opinions and news about that:
When Did Dennis Miller Fill In For Hannity?
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This morning on 77WABC, Mark Simone that comedien Dennis Miller has filled in for Sean Hannity. When the heck was this? I knew that the guy took a turn to the Right a few years ago, but filling in for Hannity? I am getting pretty bored of Larry Kudlow on 77WABC on Saturday. He provides a lot of news and opinions but there's no real entertainment value. He needs a sidekick or something.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ron Kuby Fired?

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I got an email from someone asking me if I knew anything about Ron Kuby being fired? News to me. And I was a little surprised to turn on WABC (www.WABCRadio.com) and hear Ron Kuby and fill-in, Mark Simone. So, I guess that means that he was not fired. I went over to the WABC message board and there was no thread (that I could find) about Kuby being fired.
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Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby
This was posted on RichardBey.org not long ago which I gave some people the impression that Ron Kuby may have been fired.
"I was listening this morning and everything going fine until 7:17 and they go to the usual traffic and weather, but afterwards Curtis is alone and no mention of Kuby and about hour later Jeffery Lickman comes and finishes the show. Jeffery Lickmen jokes that he was taken to the station by Curtis angels. I hope that kuby did not get fire because what they were talking a top of the hour and that he wanted soldiers be brought back now and congress should everything in power to that."
Talk Radio Fan's opinion: It seems lately that there is always someone filling in for Curtis or Ron. I think Mark Simone is on the Curtis and Kuby show more than Curtis and Kuby. That's just the way it is. I doubt Kuby will ever get fired.