Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dear Mr. Sliwa,
Please stop saying "Moola Schmoola" on the "Curtis & Kuby" show. It's really not funny when you say it 157 times during the course of your program.
Thank you,
Talk Radio Fan

Monday, October 11, 2004

I think I finally figured it out. I figured out what makes Talk Radio shows interesting to me. Let me explain. First of all I've been getting really bored with some hosts - hosts that really interested me when I first started to listen to them. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are my favorite hosts at the time and one of the reasons that I like them so much is that amongst the highly-charged political content of their shows they reveal a lot of personal information about their lives and between the political talk they will insert "stupid news" stories from around the country/world - "stupid news" stories that are humorous - that sort of thing. Doing this breaks up the monotony of all the politics. And when they talk about their personal lives they give me an idea of what their lives are like when they are not in front of the microphone. This makes for a more enjoyable show. It gets pretty tedious to just hear a host yack and yack and yack about nothing more than politics and social issues.

Horselady from the WABC Message Board responds:
"How about the listeners saying it's interesting, not the owners."

Talk Radio Fan responds: I am not sure what she meant but I think she meant that listeners should decide who the most interesting hosts are and not the people that own/syndicate the shows. Maybe? I am not sure of her comment. I don't know if listeners deciding who the most interesting hosts are would have an effect on a station's line-up - - or would it? There's only so much time in a station's schedule so... I suppose some people may find Glenn Beck boring and Monica Crowley the cat's meow. No, I am not singling out Monica she's just a host that came to mind. Her show has gotten a little predictable lately but it's close to election time and all hosts are doing their darndest...and yes, I still listen to her show on Saturday and Sundays. P.S. The Mark Levin interview is in the September archive.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mark Simone on WABC. Even when he gets angry he sounds polite. I think Talk Radio needs a few more liberals. I really only listen to WAEB and WABC and the only liberal is Ron Kuby on WABC I'd really like to hear more opposing views. After a while I get bored of some hosts. Some hosts seem like a broken record if they don't renew their schtick or entertainment value. I think that all hosts need to be entertainers as well as good talkers. Some shows that I really used to look forward to - well, I don't look forward to them as much anymore because their shows have grown predictable. Glenn Beck keeps things pretty unpredictable because he's "nuts." I never know when he'll go off on a crazy tangent.
10/4/04: Hannity imitating Mark Levin. Now that was hilarious. I wish his imitation could have been longer.