Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mark Simone on WABC. Even when he gets angry he sounds polite. I think Talk Radio needs a few more liberals. I really only listen to WAEB and WABC and the only liberal is Ron Kuby on WABC I'd really like to hear more opposing views. After a while I get bored of some hosts. Some hosts seem like a broken record if they don't renew their schtick or entertainment value. I think that all hosts need to be entertainers as well as good talkers. Some shows that I really used to look forward to - well, I don't look forward to them as much anymore because their shows have grown predictable. Glenn Beck keeps things pretty unpredictable because he's "nuts." I never know when he'll go off on a crazy tangent.
10/4/04: Hannity imitating Mark Levin. Now that was hilarious. I wish his imitation could have been longer.


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