Friday, October 29, 2010

Wow, it's been a long time...

Now that I have I Heart Radio, gone are the days of tuning in to fuzzy / static-ridden talk stations or hoping to listen to a show online if a station even broadcasts on the web. I'm not sure if this blog is even on anyone's watch list anymore. My art site is I had my own talk show on (The Poconos Internet Broadcasting Company) in the spring and early summer of 2009 but quit it due to the stress of a weekly 3 hour show and other nonsense drama. My show was called Art Attack Radio. I interviewed local artists and had local musicians play unplugged in the studio. I tried having a co-host but that didn't work that well. She started calling me her co-host which was ridiculous because she didn't bring anything to the show in the way of guests or art-related things to talk about. I have a couple of the shows in mp3 format but I've yet to listen to them.


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