Monday, July 25, 2005

Here's my daily listening schedule for Talk Radio and some brief comments. I work 7:30 am till 5:00 pm everyday and only get two talk stations (both listed on the right). I don't listen to Talk Radio that much at home...
Mornings: Curtis and Kuby on WABC till 10:00 am. Seriously, I'd love Ron Kuby to have his own show. He's incredibly articulate and likeable and has a great radio voice. Curtis' voice gets on my nerves at time. Glenn Beck on WAEB till 12:00 pm. With Glenn's show I never know what he'll talk about and I love that.
Afternoon: Rush till 3:00 pm. Hannity until I leave work on WABC or WAEB.
Evenings: Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham on WABC if I am in the car or I feel like tuning in my Grundig radio. I try to stay awake for Coast to Coast AM but I usually can't.
Weekends: On Saturday mornings (on WABC) I never miss Mark Simone. On Sunday mornings (on WABC) I never miss Steve Malzberg. I am hit or miss with Monica Crowley's show... I sometimes listen to financial shows on WABC but find them a little boring since I have no money...

New link added: Global Talk Radio ( is an internet station that is huge in content. I have not fully explored it yet but plan too. Internet talk radio has it's advantages. If one show gets boring, there are endless amounts of other shows that you can skip over to...


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Like you said, if you don't like the "live" feed, there are thousands of previously recorded programs ready for on-demand listening at any time.

FYI, 95% of listeners prefer on-demand over live listening.

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