Friday, January 14, 2005

Wow, Mark Levin calling Ron Kuby a "decent person" and lawyer jokes on the Curtis & Kuby show this morning... I still say Mark Levin should sing for a punk rock band. He's got more attitude than Johnny Rotten ever had! I don't know if Mr. Levin would wear torn clothing though. I guess torn clothing makes you punk or something... I figured Mr. Levin would...well, not hate....but maybe despise Ron Kuby because he's so left-leaning he almost falls over but I think he's a decent guy anyway. He's awfully nice and he's got an excellent radio voice. I'd hang out with him...


Blogger Mr. Smithereen said...

One unrelated question. Or maybe two or three. Why did you get interested in talk radio? Have you ever sat alone late at night, and tuned in A.M. stations from thousands of miles away? Have you ever wanted to host a talk show of some type?

4:57 PM  

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