Friday, November 05, 2004

Fans of Mark Levin must visit the first ever website dedicated to The Great One! I so excited when I recieved an email from the person running this site. The person wrote to me and asked if they could include a link to the interview that I did with Mr. Levin. "Just copy and past the entire interview!" I told them. It really encouraged me that there are other Talk Radio fans doing their thing on the internet and taking a stand for Talk Radio. I've gotten discouraged with the lack of feedback to this site but now I feel all fired up again. I listened to Coast to Coast AM (see Art Bell link) this past Sunday night/morning. I would like to stay up more often to hear this program since the paranormal greatly interests me. I was at work though so it was a little easy to listen. Normally I go to bed kind of early. I should spend more time listening to talk online. There's little variety on the two stations that I listen to. It's pretty easy to get bored listening to the same hosts almost every day since I really only listen during the same hours all the time.


Blogger MarkLevinFan said...

Thanks for the plug! However, I keep checking back to see if you really have gotten excited again about your TalkRadioFan blog. Let's see some more posts!

2:34 PM  

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