Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dagnabbit, I love Mark Simone (WABC Saturday mornings). He has broken into my top-3 list of favorite Talk Radio hosts. Not only does he have the best voice on Talk Radio, he's really smart, articulate and lately his sense of humor has had me rolling in laughter. As Mark was trying to get one babbler off the air towards the end of the call he says extremely politely, "Okay, thanks for the call we have to go back to Planet Earth now live!" I have to start writing down the funny things he says. No one commented on the last post. I thought it would have garnered a comment or two. If you've noticed, Curtis Sliwa of the Curtis and Kuby show on WABC has been using the term "Moola Scmoola" a lot less lately. We here at Talk Radio Fan had a nice prayer breakfeast with Mr. Sliwa and his management a week ago and and we came to an agreement: "Say 'Moola Schmoola' only once per program." The arguement got heated at first but we all prayed and walked out as friends.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right...Mark Levin has a true Punk Rock spirit! He kicks ass!!!

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