Monday, January 17, 2005

A Talk Radio Fan asked me these questions...
One unrelated question. Or maybe two or three. Why did you get interested in talk radio? Have you ever sat alone late at night, and tuned in A.M. stations from thousands of miles away? Have you ever wanted to host a talk show of some type?
Okay, here are the answers...
I first got into Talk Radio around the beginning of 1992 by listening to Rush Limgaugh. I think that my father recommended him to me. I started listening to the other hosts on the station (WWDB from Philly) and was hooked! Yes, I've sat alone alone at night listening to A.M. stations but usually just on WABC from New York City which isn't thousands of miles. NYC is about 80 miles from my home in Pennsylvania. I have a Grundig portable radio which pulls the station in nicely. Yup, I've laid there in my bed for hours in the dark listening to Talk Radio. I still do sometimes. It's a nice experience. Just me, the radio and a voice talking to me. Sweet. Sure, I'd love to host a talk show of some type. I think that my interests are a bit widespread but I could make it work. My show would cover topics ranging from the paranormal, politics, art and music and of course time travel and very hot topic with me!


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