Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I will be glad when the election is three months behind us. I'm listening to Laura Ingraham on 77WABC (online) right now and she's at the convention in Boston. There's so much at stake with this election and most talk show hosts are in top form and it's enjoyable/educational to listen to them because it forces you to form opinions but it seems to get me a little stressed in some ways.
Here's an interesting quote that I found from 2002:
"Why do leftist hate talk radio so? Because they're so damned bad at it, that's why. There is not ONE successful, money-making, listened-to talk radio show in the entire nation that is hosted by a leftist. Not one. I've gone into the reasons for the leftist failure at talk radio before – and I'm not here to completely rehash that question now. Suffice it to say that leftists wilt in the face of fact and logic … and talk radio callers kill them with it. "


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