Saturday, July 31, 2004

Two days ago I posted a new topic on the WABC message board. As of 7/30/04 at 10:43PM it is the seventh most viewed topic on the entire message board. 84 people have viewed my post and 12 people have posted comments. Several people have posted comments on Talk Radio Fan.

Did anyone listen to Curtis and Kuby on 77WABC show this morning? Mark Simone is filling in for Curtis Sliwa and "The Friday Morning Fights" were hilarious. In case you are not familiar with this part of the C & K program here's the deal. Callers leave questions and each host has thirty-seconds to answer. A ref decides who wins. This was clearly Simone's first time on the mat. The first question: "What famous 16th century fisherman is the Abu Ghraib prison named after?" Ron Kuby was up first and responded: "Abu clearly means father, and Ghraib means raven so the answer is "Father Raven!" Mark Simone's head must have been spinning as you could hear the astonishment in his voice. Then it was revealed that this question was fixed and they all got a laugh about it. Listening to Mark Simone trying to answer was hilarious. He clearly knows his stuff but he is not used to having thirty-seconds to answer. "What the hell did he just say?" and "Are these people drunk?" were a couple of his initial responses to questions. He did answer the questions but clearly having thirty-seconds to come up with a cohesive answer was not something he was used to having to do.

Here's a little juicy exchange from the WABC message board regarding Ron Kuby
"On this morning's show, Ron Kuby asked why we would consider John McCain a war hero, when he was shot down and jailed for most of his time in Viet Nam!"
" I couldn't believe he said this! Ron's OK with Kerry (who got outta there as fast as he could, and then did everything he could do upon his return to undermine the men that were left there) being a war hero, but not with McCain. Even after Mark Simone told Ron that McCain could have been set free from the Hanoi Hilton, but refused to leave his men behind. Usually Ron doesn't bother me, but this was over the line. He's a smug jackass!"

Listening to 790KABC ( tonite (online). It's a station from sunny California.


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