Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mark Levin Responds to Critiques in Talk Radio Fan
The following is an email from Mark Levin sent 8/10/04 21:07. (Mr. Levin requested that this letter be posted on Talk Radio Fan)
"Stop listening if you don't like my voice, my comments, etc. Someone informed me you were using your little website to trash me. Your comments are sophomoric. You say nothing of substance about the show, the constitutional discussions, why certain callers are cut-off (beyond disagreeing with me), etc. So, let me analyze you. Your self-aggrandizing website has a long way to go, and so do you. Try to get past the superficial and actually listen to what's discussed. And if you don't like it, move on. The competition on the radio dial is enormous."
Response from Talk Radio Fan/Chris Francz:
Talk Radio Fan at this time is not involved in giving in-depth analyzations of talk radio programs. At this time, Talk Radio Fan is a solo project. I give my opinions every day or so of the shows that I have listened to. Some of my comments are "sophmoric" as Mr. Levin stated. What could be more sophmoric than asking readers questions like "What host has the best hair?" Talk Radio Fan is supposed to be fun. If I feel a host cuts some people off too much then I will write about it. I don't think anything that I've written could be interpreted as "trashing." I'm a listener not a hater! Over time, readers will see that even though I may criticize a host here and there I continually mention these very hosts over and over again because I am a fan of theirs and a consistent listener. If anything that I have written about Mark Levin has been construed as "trashing" then I apologize.


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