Monday, August 02, 2004

August 1, 2004
A man was busted outside Madison Square Garden yesterdat after allegedly stalking radio personality Monica Crowley for more than a year, The Post has learned.
Crowley, a talk-show host for WABC and political analyst for the Fox News Channel, was leaving the radio station's Penn Plaza studios when she spotted Ronald Martin outside the Garden about 2 p.m., authorities said.
Martin, 40, who has been living in an abandoned building in the Battery for the past year, sent more than 460 e-mails to Crowley over the past 15 months, sources said.
The e-mails began as infatuation then turned more hostile as she repeatedly denied his overtures, the sources said.
He had made numerous attempts to meet face-to-face with Crowley, including trying to sneak into the Fox News Channel's offices. Building security guards caught him.
Martin made another try July 24 when he followed Crowley into a Manhattan subway station and grabbed at her arm, according to sources.
Martin was charged with burglary, stalking and aggravated harassment.
I feel horrible for mentioning in a previous entry that someone accused me of having an "obsession" with Monica Crowley. In light of the news above my mentioning this takes on a creepy tone. I've emailed back and forth with Monica Crowley a few times and when I started Talk Radio Fan I told her about it. I don't know if she actually ever visited this site so maybe she never read that "obsession" line. I should just delete that part of the entry.
The personal safety of talk radio show hosts...
Since most talk radio show host are not known for mincing words or hiding their feelings, I don't understand how a lot of them don't exit their respective studios with a certain degree of paranoia. Things are really heating up on the political landscape and emotions are flaring. Curtis Sliwa was shot and beaten by the mob - I am surprised that other hosts have not been accosted - especially in New York City. Maybe a lot of them have bodyguards. Obviously, Monica Crowley does not employ them. Just thinking about the whole thing gives me the creeps. I don't even want to try to surmise online about what hosts should have bodyguards because that brings a bit of suspicion on my own head!
Steve Malzberg today on WABC 9am - 12pm
The spokeperson of the DNC hung up because he could not answer Steve's question. The whole interview was pretty funny.


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