Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I was so stinking busy at work today that I didn't have a lot of time to hear much radio. Mark Simone is on The Curtis and Kuby show again this week. Ron Kuby is on vacation all week. So that makes two Rights on the program. I actually miss Ron. He's got a good radio voice, is very articulate and I always like hearing the contrast he provides to Curtis Sliwa. I used to hate The Curtis and Kuby show but have grown to enjoy it. Glenn Beck is back from vacation. Thank goodness. He's grown more laid back over the last month or so. Maybe it's just me or I am looking at it the wrong way - too many talk show hosts spend too much time focusing on the shortcomings of John F. Kerry. I think that they should give equal time as to why they think people should re-elect George W. Bush. On an unrelated note. I only hear Neil Boortz when I visit my dad in Georgia. When I first heard Neil in 1992 I actually thought he was Rush Limbaugh since their voices are so similar. Once I was in a AAA airport bus and the driver had talk radio on. I thought, "here's an African American listening to Rush (nuts call Rush a 'racist')." Turns out it was Neil Boortz. Keep talking, America...
(I added some talk show host links today as well as a ton of links to talk radio stations from all over the country that you can listen to online. They are all worth checking out if only to see the diversity in the scheduling. Check 'em out!)


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