Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"I hope she takes a permanent vacation. I can't stand her voice, and she looks like a guy."
This is what someone wrote on the WABC Message Board today regarding Laura Ingraham being on vacation this week and having fill-in hosts for her show. Does anyone really think that Laura Ingraham "looks like a guy"? I think she's pretty. Tell me what you think of Laura's looks. You can post comments anonymously. I listened to Mark Levin tonite. As soon as he figures out that someone disagrees with him he makes up his mind that he will hang up on the person or turn them down so listeners cannot hear him/her. This tactic gets old fast. It's not even entertaining. Hannity gets the same way at times - he doesn't hang up on people but sometimes he won't let the person speak or he will refuse to answer their question and throw a new question at the caller.


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