Monday, August 09, 2004

Interview with Mark Simone by Chris Francz

I first became a fan of Mark Simone when I heard his Saturday morning program on 77WABC this past April. Mr. Simone has the perfect "radio voice" - filled with passion, bass, and very gentleman-like. This interview was done by email. Below the interview is a link to Mr. Simone's website which will give you a better idea of all that he's been up to, as well as photos, interesting news stories, and some links.

You have the perfect voice for radio. Was there ever a time when you realized this?
Thanks for the compliments. As far as voice, we all have our own styles and sounds. It doesn't matter what type of voice you have, the important thing is to make it as expressive as possible. Since people can't see your face on radio, all facial expressions have to be shown in your voice. The voice has to let the audience know when you're smiling, when you're just kidding, when you're angry, etc.. The words are important, but the color and expression you put in your voice give it the impact. Clinton has a weird voice but is a powerful speaker. Kerry has a booming, strong voice and is a horrible speaker. Clinton can move an audience to tears with a speech. Kerry could read the same exact speech and put the audience to sleep. No expression in his voice.
Despite these trying times politically, you have an air of optimism that is very admirable. How do you stay so positive on air? You always present yourself in a polite way despite the sometimes heavy topics that you cover.
I am actually an independent and not tied to either party, so I don't really have a dog in the race. While I might be conservative on some issues, I am pretty liberal on others. So, I am not really fighting for a candidate, but for straight answers. That is one reason I give Kerry such a hard time. Since, at the moment, Democrats seem to have no specifics to offer and are trying to persuade with anger and attacks, they are the easiest target and you can't help being amused at some of their current double standards, like being anti-war while campaigning for a guy who was so pro war.
You're currently filling in for Curtis Sliwa on 77WABC. If you had to fill in for two other talk show hosts who would they be and why?
I can't think of anyone I haven't filled in for. Thanks for writing and keep up the good work with the web site.

What a week. I went into emergency room on Wednesday morning around 4:30. I had extremely bad pains in my stomach. They did some tests in the ER and it turned out that I had Gall Bladder disease and had to have my Gall Bladder removed. I came home yesterday afternoon. I missed most of the week on WABC. The hospital walls don't allow many AM stations to get through. I listened to a few talk programs on shortwave channels though. I am excited because Monica Crowley will be filling in for Laura Ingraham on WABC this Mon. and Tues. 8-10pm.

Here's a great line from the WABC Message Board regarding fill-in hosts for Curtis Sliwa of the Curtis and Kuby Show: "I want to see Mark Levin fill in for him. Levin vs. Kuby would be better than Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster. "


Blogger Francois de la Peyronie said...

Thanks for picking up on that Godzilla vs Smog comment. You have inspired me to start my own [], as soon as i think of something to say.

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Blogger Talk Radio Fan said...

To Poster, from Chris Francz - I am so sorry for not crediting you with that Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster line. My stomach is still killing me and....blah, blah, blah....when you get your blog going let me know and I will put up a link! Thanks, Chris

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