Monday, December 05, 2005

Mark Simone's Oldies Show on WABC

So.....on Saturdays Mark Simone has a talk show on WABC from 6am - 10am then from 6pm - 10pm he has an oldies show on the same station. Not only has Mark filled in for tons of other hosts but now this...I hear that Mr. Simone also does a lot of the plumbing and heating work at WABC. Gotta pay the bills! I listened to most of the oldies show last night (the first time it was aired). Lots of great stuff from the 70's that brought back a lot of memories for me when WABC was a music station. I used to listen to WABC on a tiny transistor radio that my father gave to me when I was about 7 years old. Again, Andrew Wilkow's show was cut short by WABC airing a stupid basketball game. It's not like everyone doesn't own a television.... WAEB was airing sports too....

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Blogger Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Found you while trolling Technocrati... my long commute made me a solid talk-radio fan years ago.

WAEB is such a poor talk-radio outlet. They let their morning talent go until 10am, play 2hrs of Glen Beck, do Rush & Hannity, *then* play hour 1 of Beck... crazy.

Interesting that WABC is in the top 15 in the Lehigh Valley market.

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