Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Glenn Beck "Freak or Treat" State Theater 10/29/05

Glenn Beck “Freak or Treat�
State Theatre in Easton, PA
Easton, PA

It was a 45-minute drive down to the State Theatre and it seemed awfully cold out. Maybe if I wore a winter jacket I wouldn’t have practically froze while walking from the parking deck to the theatre. At a little after 7:30pm Bobby Gunther Walsh, the morning host on the show’s sponsoring station, WAEB walked onto the stage made a few jokes and then introduced Glenn Beck. I have only seen a few pictures of Glenn and actually thought that Mr. Walsh was Glenn Beck. Wow, his voice sure sounds differently than it does on the radio, I thought to myself. Duh.
Glenn took the stage dressed in black and looking very fit which was surprising since on his radio show he always seems to make comments leading the listener to believe that he is fat or atleast chubby. Maybe he feels he is fat. I wasn’t sure how Glenn would make the transition from a radio show to a stage show but it seemed to work pretty smoothly. There was nothing flashy about the presentation; just one ordinary, every-day kind of guy with a clip-on microphone and an eager audience of diehard fans. Glenn began with some childhood Halloween memories and a long piece about the absurd fears instilled in children about the candy that they receive on Halloween – there have been no reported incidents of children finding razor blades in Halloween candy or of being poisoned by Halloween candy except one instance where parents tried to poison their own children with poison-coated candy. I gotta Google that one. It was also humorous to hear him talk about schools having no problem with 1st graders wearing costumes that depict a bloody axe sticking out of their head but the school having a problem with an angel in a display during the Christmas holiday.
For the second half of the first “act� Glenn brought 16 pre-picked audience members onto the stage for what they thought would be a skit or something – wrong! Time for More-On Trivia! The people were broken into two teams and Glenn went easy on them. Hey, this event was a chance for Glenn and his fans to interact on a real level so he went easy on them. The participants of each team were asked three questions: 1. Name a scary movie 2. Name a type of candy 3. Name a celebrity / famous person whose face would make a good Halloween mask. Glenn gently ribbed the fans and there was a lot of laughter from the audience.
After a brief intermission Glenn came back on stage, talked about the life of Edgar Allan Poe for a little bit before launching into a dramatic reading of Poe’s "The Tell Tale Heart." There was a meet and great in the theatre’s lobby afterwards but my brother and I didn’t wait to shake his hand or say goodbye. Glenn handed out small bags of Halloween candy that he and his wife made the night before. I was standing on the outskirts of the crowd and really wanted to yell: “Hey, Glenn! Froggy 109.9 rules!� but never mustered the courage. My only disappointment is that he did not have a table set up selling any of the merchandise from his website. What was up with that?

WAEB photos from the meet and greet:

Glenn Beck Fan Site: http://fan.quietsong.net/beck/


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