Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Going to see Glenn Beck at the Easton State Theatre on October 29th. It's his Freak or Treat show and I can't wait!!


Great news! What was once a decent blog dedicated to the one and only Mark Levin has now gone full blown into www.marklevinfan.com. Check it out!

I've been listening to Bob Grant a lot on WOR from NYC. I like his show...

So... While driving back from the Lehigh Valley quite often a few weeks ago I was able to listen to Michael Savage on WAEB (C'mon, all these links are posted to the right). I think he is a very entertaining, listenable and educated host. I can see why some people don't care for him (alright - hate him!) because I heard him put down Mark Levin stating that you can't be a conservative and a lawyer - like it's an oxymoron. I also heard him put down Rush Limbaugh's optimism. Hey, the guy's got an opinion. I enjoyed listening to his show.

This is a response I got to a post a few weeks ago regarding a letter from a reader who wanted to know if Mark Levin's show was archived, etc.
As far as I know WABC does not offer an archive of shows. Many high profile syndicated hosts own and archive their own shows and offer it as premium content on their own websites, such as Rush 24/7. If you want to create your own recordings, check out Replay Radio - http://replay-video.com/index.php.

I almost forgot... Monica Crowley of WABC and MSNBC has a new website: Monica Memo (www.monicamemo.com) -- it's like her talk show only...you know, online!