Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I wonder if enjoying Talk Radio is dictated by a certain type of genetic predisposition? Or maybe it is social conditioning that drives an individual to listen to Talk Radio. Does loneliness drive someone to Talk Radio?
Tonite I am listening to Mark Levin online. I will be online for another hour or so so I will listen to Laura Ingraham at 8pm on WABC. will debut in a few weeks. I am looking for those interested in submitting articles. Articles can be about your favorite Talk Radio personality, what got you interested in Talk Radio, etc. The sky is the limit.
Find out stations and times for Listening to Laura Ingraham: I just spent a little while looking at and found it to be a pretty decent site. Lots of photos and all kinds of stuff for fans. I also signed up for her weekly email newsletter.
Can't listen to Mark Levin everyday? Log onto and hear the best call of any given day. Check out The Lou Gentile Show - If you like Coast to Coast AM you will dig this program.


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