Friday, October 07, 2005

21 days to Glenn Beck at the Easton State Theatre!

I just joined the forum at If you're a Talk Radio junky you should definetly check out this site and the forum.

I've been listening to Bob Grant and Bill O'Reilly in the afternoons on WOR from New York City more often. I can't just listen to Rush and Hannity all afternoon.

Monica Crowley's show on WABC on Saturday and Sunday? Alright, there's something about the show that really bugs me. You've heard it- the show begins - there's the hard rock bumper music and some rock dude says "Let's do it!" - the music fades and then Monica says: "Alright, let's do it!" and then begins her show. I really hate this and wish she would just stop. It just seems really cheesy.


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