Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lots of Great Talk Radio Stuff!

Talk Radio Forums is a brand new website which focuses on discussions of all things related to what we love best: Talk Radio. Check them out and register so you can join in on the interesting conversations today.
Note: This is not a dead link. If the page doesn't come up right away please try again. I posted to this forum several times today and now the page "cannot be found" - I am sure they are just working out some kinks with their server.

An oldie but a goodie that got regular plays on WABC during last year's presidential campaign: The Ultimate John Kerry Ad:

Free Talk Live is a great online listening/reading source for TRF.

Laura Ingraham fans: Here is a link to listen to parts of her radio program for free:;

Check out this amazing list of Talk Radio hosts that collected - complete with links to the host's website:

Record your favorite Talk Radio programs from the internet with Replay-Radio. It's only $49.95!



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