Saturday, December 03, 2005

Talk Radio Stuff...

25 Best Talk Hosts according to Talkers magazine:

I listen to Kim Komando's show every Sunday morning. Her site is pretty decent and you can read her online journal without paying (like a lot of hosts make you do).

For Glenn Beck fans: A new site dedicated (sort of) to the More-On Trivia segment of Glenn's program each Friday morning. (This is not affiliated with
"Mor(e)on Trivia (or Moron Trivia/More On Trivia whichever your preference) is a segment done on the Glenn Beck Program in conjunction with the football season. Monday Night Football is a big part of many lives and Glenn and Stu bring it to the listeners in a completely unique way."

Rate Talk Radio hosts:

And here's a site of interest to loyal Talk-Junkies: Read the reviews of your favorite hosts - it's funny because almost every review of a conservative host was obviously written by a person that a) hasn't actually listened to the host b) listened to a half an hour of the host c) is repeating the opinions of others who a) and b).

Air America involved in scandal: and These are not new items, I just threw them out there to see if anyone had an opinion...


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