Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So...I've been having some minor troubles subscribing to the Steve Malzberg newsletter- this morning I went to his site to try it again - I mistalingly typed in www.SteveMalzberg.com and got a great website but now what I expected. Check it out (it's a political site). The official Steve Malzberg site is www.Malzbergtalk.com

I don't know what's going on with www.TalkRadioForums.com - haven't been able to open the site in a few days...

I sent emails to Mark Simone, Andrew Wilkow and Bobby Gunther Walsh today and they all wrote back! Look, I'm just a dorky fan of these great hosts so it's a little flattering that they'd take the time to drop me a line. Their links are posted to the right. Mark Simone even sent me a mp3 file titled "Clinton Attacks Iraq" - if you want me to forward it to you drop me a line...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the admin at Talk Radio Forums. Our host has been down for several days and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. If I don't get a response by tomorrow morning, the site will be moved. All the files and the database have been backed up, so we should have everything working again in a couple of days regardless.

2:37 PM  
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