Thursday, August 26, 2004

Greetings talk fans. Thanks for checking out Talk Radio Fan. It's been a miserable last three weeks. Had my gall bladder taken out. Last Wednesday someone ran into my car and totalled it. I will get on the ball and do updates more often, I promise. Is anyone else getting tired of Ron Kuby being on vacation? His voice was a nice compliment to Curtis Sliwa on the Curtis and Kuby show. Who's his sidekick now? George Webber? I'd rather only hear him do the news. Nothing personal. I have to switch to a local talk show most morning because I get so tired of Curti's voice and phrases: moola schmoola, smoochey koochey, camaflewjee subterfewjee, disgracia..... He's a hell of a guy but... Ron Kuby has a very pleasant, kind voice which balances out Sliwa's Howard Beach New Yawk accent... I can't wait for Ron to come back... Any opinions on all this? Just click on "comments" to leave your thoughts...


Blogger HackensackVietVet said...

Hey let Ron come back and let Curtis go on permanent vacation and replace him with Mark Simone. He's more informed on the issues, is funny and won't let anybody walk all over him.

8:34 AM  

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