Sunday, August 29, 2004

Glenn Beck's show is more enjoyable now since most other shows seem to be only about the whole Swift Boat Vets thing. Glenn goes off on tangents and gets totally unpolitical at times. I'd like to hang out with him sometime. We're about the same age and we're both off-the-wall when it comes to humor.Last night was one of the few times that I heard Hannity's "Man on the Street" segment. Looks like lots of young people will be voting for Jim Kerny in November. Some facts about my affair with talk radio: I first started listening in the fall of 1992. Rush Limbaugh was the first show that I listened to. WWDB from Philadelphia was the station that I listened to. It was an FM station. Nice. No static. Clear. The station switched to hit music around 2000. They had a real variety of liberals and conservatives. Not a very common thing these days. Wait, I don't know any station that has that variety at all. I mostly listen to WABC out of New York City and every host is coservative with the exceptio of Ron Kuby on the Curtis and Kuby show in the morning. WWDB had great hosts though. Some that I remember are: Irv Homer, Dom Giordano, Paul W. Smith. Like I said, they had a great mix and reflected the whole political spectrum which made for challenging, thought-provoking listening. It gets tedious when all programs are conservative. When I first heard Sean Hannity I thought he was a gray-haired, fifty-something. Wrong. When I first heard Monica Crowley I figured she was blonde and hot. Right. I don't have a television so I did know what these two looked like until I went to their websites. I hear Phil Henry's show covers off-beat things. I've never stayed up for it though. One day soon. Robert Hitchcock was great filling in for Rush this week. I really enjoyed listening to his take on things. I listen to talk radio mostly driving around. It must be a conspiracy or something - - every time a host/caller hits on a great point/topic I drive under power lines and get annoying static and miss crucial information/points of view. I bought a powerful Grundig radio which has two shortwave bands. It also picks up AM stations really clearly, especially at night so I try to listen to talk radio as I fall asleep.


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