Sunday, December 11, 2005

WABC listeners RE: Monica and Marty

Post from Saturday: Does anyone else notice that at the very end of Monica Crowley's program on WABC an elderly caller by the name of Marty is put on? Maybe it's just me, but it seems like he is always put on right at the very end of her program (or atleast the minute or two right before the top of the hour news break). Monica calls him "boyfriend" at times too. I think he is put on at these odd times so he doesn't have a lot of time to talk. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear him make it through the wait and get on Hannity's and Monica's shows but...why does it seem he's always put on as the clock is about tick off the last minute or two of the hour?
I posted this question on the following Talk Radio message boards:
If anyone posts replies I will re-post them here
REPLIES FROM WABC MESSAGE BOARD: (clipped and pasted from the board)
1. "A WWII Veteran like Marty I would put on anytime, the Liberals never complain when a Hollywood Left is on the air !"
2. "In talk radio,that always happens! Sometimes the host will put on what helps their cause. On small radio in this town of bucks county,It always happens ,with the republicans,here in bucks the host at least 2 work for the county and its what they do for us ,not the bad only the good!I turn it off and go to the big talker where the host are the best in the world .1210 am have on all sides and that is the way it should be."
3. "It happens in all aspects of talk radio. There is an audience and there are "regulars" who call in. It's good for the show and helps promote it. You see this a lot on sports talk radio as well..."
4. Marty has a special place in Sean's heart and Monica's as well - He is a WW II vet, who served with honor, and his voice carries the strength of his generation - whenever I hear him, I am reminded of all those who who fought to defend and protect this Nation. He is on because both Sean and Monica see fit to honor him and all of his brethern, past, present and future.

Check out a video of the White Flag ad/video that's so talked about on Talk Radio:


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