Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Confessions of a Talk Radio Dork...

Confessions of a Talk Radio dork
This morning as the alarm clock went off for the first time I contemplated my warm blankets and the cold, cold world that awaited me. Do you know what it was that gave me the motivation to get out of bed? Knowing I could listen to Talk Radio almost all day when I am driving around at work. If this does not qualify me as a Nerd then I don't know what will...

Curtis Sliwa says: "Just say 'no' to Dora!"
From the WABC Radio message board RE: Curtis Sliwa of

the "Curtis and Kuby" show
"Does anyone else think Curtis should stop belittling his baby son? For goodness sake...the man is terrified of his little son being gay. His bowels are in an uproar, cause his little boy loves Dora the Explorer instead of The Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers. The baby is not even TWO YEARS OLD yet!!! If I were his wife Mary, I'd duct tape his silly mouth. I love Curtis, and I'm a big fan of his.... but he's doing his son an injustice, talking negatively about him on the air. Shame on him."

www.TalkRadioNetwork is a pretty good site - I think it's more like a syndication site though. For $5.95 a month you can listen to full shows anytime you want by such heavyweights as Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham

I got an email from J.R. at Talk Show America today. He said that the site (www.TalkShowAmerica.com) has gotten referrals (hits) from guests of Talk Radio Fan. Nice to know because I am not quite sure what my audience is here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read thru this article. Misleading, dated garbage. Author does not see a "future for Liberal radio", and just a year after this was written, AAR has over 80 member stations, and has consistently drawn audiences in all the major markets.


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