Thursday, September 02, 2004

Convention coverage on WABC on Sunday. "If Bush and company are re-elected we're all doomed." Funniest protestor quote. I'd rather be listening to a host take calls about UFOs. "WABC hate radio" - another hilarious protestor quote. Wait, this is almost like a show about UFOs. Does anyone remember when WABC used to air dramatized stories in the evenings? My dad would put it on when we were are his part time job. That was when Dan Ingraham was a DJ. Nice to hear Ron Kuby back. I enjoy hearing his views. He has a lot of good points. I think it's dangerous to be insulated from differing points of view. Talk Radio Fan is not about politics though. "This is Paul Harvey......good day." He sounds like such a nice guy. Glenn Beck has been awesome lately. he goes off some great/entertaining today (9/1/04) he was making fun of bottled water and talked about other stupid inventions that could be marketed like designer matches made from the actual residue of the Olympic torch. Just think, you could light your cigar or BBQ grill with a part of the Olympic Torch. Now that would be impressive. You could play the Olympics theme song when you light one of the matches (my idea - not Glenn's). If you want to post your comments just click on "comments" - you can post anonymously. Your email address will not be tracked.


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