Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Well, it's official 77WABC from New York City is a total wasteland on Sundays. Finance, home improvement and travel talk. I'd listen to Air America today if I could tune it in. On another note: I just got an email from a guy who was in a punk band that I believe I saw in 1988. They were from Allentown, PA and I thought that I saw them with The Russian Meatsquats. He googled the name of his band: Follow Fashion Monkeys and one of the entries of Talk Radio Fan was labeled that so he dropped me an email to tell me that he found this blog and to say that we have a lot in common politically, etc. The email was truly shocking. When I labeled the entry Follow Fashion Monkeys I was well aware that it was the name of an old punk band but I just needed a title for the entry and that popped into my mind.


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