Monday, December 25, 2006

Take credit, you dummy!

Boo, hoo...I don't know where that remark I made came from!
Why can't people just stand up and say that they are sorry for the bad thing that they did or said? Mel Gibson put down Jews when he was drunk and later said that this is not the kind of person that he is. Michael "Kramer" Richards calls audience members at a comedy club "niggers" and then says "that was not me, I don't know where it came from." Some college football player not that long ago flipped his middle finger at someone or the other team when he was coming off the field and later said "that is not the kind of person that I am." Miss Nevada disgraces her crown, behaves poorly and is photographed kissing a woman then says "that was not me, that is not the kind of person I am."

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Listen up, dummies - that was you! What we do is a reflection of our characters. Everything that we do or say reflects on some part of our personality. So, in 2007 let's just take credit for the stupid things that we may do or say and then try to improve ourselves instead of saying "whoa, how did that happen? that is just not the kind of person that I am!"
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Anonymous TheCiscoKid said...

Donald is right on this one. Who is ROSIE or JOY to judge someone for giving them a second chance. Rosie IS gross and rude. And as for the "fat people" who are up in arms, get over it.
Rosie attacked Mr. Trump's character for doing what was absolutely the right thing in giving Miss USA a second chance. I've certainly appreciated the many second chances I've received over the years. But Rosie was wrong and quite frankly I'm tired of hearing her extreme opinions when she shows little respect for those whose opinions differ. esp. if they are Republicans.
And now she (Rosie) is going after Paula Abdul who is not known for firing back at anyone.

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