Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Beer's not free - Radio is!

I expected to hear Hannity's voice come on after the 3:00 news but nooo....it's Mark Simone. The guy shows up everywhere. I swear the guy working on the power lines outside my apartment on Saturday afternoon was Mark Simone... Hey, I'm not complaining.

This was posted today at the WABC Message Board :
We at Hannity.com would like to thank you for being a loyal Hannity Forum Member by offering an exclusive two months free to the Hannity Insider Subscription service!
Never miss a minute of the Sean Hannity show. Stream the show LIVE every day from 3 - 6pm and download archived shows directly to your computer or portable audio device. Check out the HanniBlog to update your fellow Conservative minds on the stories from around the world and be sure to connect to other like minded subscribers using our exclusive Hannity Instant Messenger. Not to mention CD-quality and commercial free audio!
Act now, this offer is only valid until January 15th! Click Here to register via credit card
Click Here to register via online check
Free? I Must've missed the free part. Two months free before you start getting charged, that is. I'd like two months free and then the option to decide if I want to pay. I think I'll take the real free stuff - radio - live every day!


Anonymous MarkLevinFan said...

Mark Levin fills in for Hannity on Friday! :)

6:50 AM  

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