Friday, December 23, 2005

12.23.05 - Question results....

Mark Levin fills in for Hannity this afternoon! I can't wait.

About a week ago I posted these questions - How much talk radio do you listen to on a daily basis? Do you ever get stressed out when you listen to a lot of talk radio? Do you ever feel like you need to take a break from talk radio? I got three answers:
"1. I listen to NPR about 2 hours a day2. Yes. Sometimes they let a conservative gets on and I want to ring their neck. (Or the occasional eastern liberal who hasn't realized that we don't do AA here in california. 3. Why no, I always enjoy learning points of view you don't get to hear otherwise"

"About 4 and a half hours without commercials (so, about 7 with commercials). All 3 hours of Savage (2 hours -- no commercials), 2 hours or so of Ingraham (no commercials), best of Rush of previous day -- about 30 min. Saturdays -- Monica Crowley, Sunday -- best of Hannity, best of Medved and Drudge"

"5 or 6 days a week I think it great, if I get stressed over it I just turn it off there nothing else to listen to."

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Anonymous Evelyn said...

Hi! I saw your blog in the blogger's home, and I came here just to see it.
It's a realy nice one!
Oh! I forgot to tell you that I'm writing from Rio de Janeiro!!
So, I wanna ask you something: how did you put this links on it?? I really can't do it!
So, that's all folks!
Oh!, just one more thing: sorry for some wrong structures or phrases... I'm still learning your language!
Bye! =D

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