Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dom Giordano filled in for Monica Crowley today on 77WABC. I don't think he's ever filled in for her before. I used to listen to Mr. Giordano on WWDB from Philly when I first got into Talk Radio way back in 1991. Nows he's on WPHT but I cannot get that station. Dom Giordano: I thought that the last post (Who's Cuter?) would cause many people to leave comments but I got none. I thought that it was such a hilarious concept and totally ridiculous that... Oh, one has a sense of humor, I guess! I am going to do a small, paper newsletter called Talk Radio Fan Bulletin that I will send out to the few Talk Radio Fans that I know as well to some of the Talk Radio Stations that I listen to. The content will be not be the same content as in this blog. If you are interested in recieving a copy, please let me know.


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