Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today's talk about Talk Radio

Free podcasts just for clicking: and
I've created a Flickr album for my portraits of Talkers ( If anyone has any Talk Radio-related artwork such as drawings of hosts or cartoons pertaining to Talk Radio and you would like me to feature them here please email me.

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Check this link out to see amazing 790KABC promo TV commercials featuring Talk Radio hosts talking live on the air. There's no long load time - featuring O'Reilly, Hannity and more! There's a lot of interesting things that Talk Radio Fans can find by checking out the websites of different Talk Radio stations. Check out some of the links on the right today!
And more: I missed mentioning my drawings of Mark, Mark and Glenn a few days ago. So, someone does read Talk Radio Fan afterall! If you like Talk Radio Fan, you will like Talk Junkie too as it features tons of Talk Radio info and links. Speaking of links, I've organized the links here on TRF so that they are more organized. Please check them out...


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