Tuesday, June 20, 2006

WABC Message Board and Mark Simone...

WABCRadio Message Boarders try to figure out Mark Simone....
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One entry: "Mark used to be a DJ at WNEW-FM back in the 70s (and perhaps even into the early 80s) when it was THE rock station in, if not the country, certainly the NY area. I'm sure that Simone was at the PBS thing because he really digs the music from that era. I don't listen to him all that much now, but I know that a lot of what he says (re: conservative views) are modestly tongue in cheek/telling the audience (and his bosses) what they want to hear. Mark Simone no doubt smoked a ton of pot, stayed out and drank all night, and had no problem with the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle when he was young. He's hardly a fire-breathing conservative a la Sean Hamity or Mark Levicious.... "

This is one of the most interesting topics on the WABCRadio message board tonight. Everyone has a chink or two in their political ideologies somewhere but I sure am glad that Simone has a show on 77WABC and fills in from time to time for almost everyone. I seriously doubt though that Simone just says what he thinks his audience wants. He's genuine. -Talk Radio Fan


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Hi Chris,

A bit off topic, but I remeber telling you that I had referers from Talk Radio Fan blog to Talk Show America some time ago. I remember you being surprised by this.

Well here are the number of referals that have come from your site to TSA, I found them thi morning while checking my stats page and referals:

http://talkradiofan.blogspot.com (89 references)

Thats pretty good.

Thank You,

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