Monday, July 03, 2006

Hello, Talk Radio geekboy! - A hilarious and brilliant political site!
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A great online Talk Radio adventure:
I just got my first issue of Talkers magazine in the mail today - - more on that once I get to read it.

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Talk Radio as We Know It
(From Human Events online)
Lynn Woolley
Posted Jun 19, 2006
As the glitterati of talk radio gathered in New York City on June 9-10 for the big "New Media Seminar," two things virtually screamed out at you: First, FM radio is on its last legs as a music medium and second, freedom of speech must be preserved on the airwaves so that talk show hosts can be as obscene as they want to be.It may seem strange to the radio outsider that so many hosts are so protective of their "right" under the First Amendment to utter the F-word with impunity -- but here, at the annual convention put on by TALKERS Magazine -- the general theory is that if the F-word is banned, other speech may be banned as well.

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