Monday, February 06, 2006

"I'm right and you're an idiot!"

I found this on a blog:
"so. I love conservative talk radio. I love the inflammatory hosts, the "I'm right, and you're an idiot" attitude. Highly amusing. "
The response that I posted:
Since you mentioned conservative talk radio hosts having an "I'm right and you're an idiot" attitude I will comment - while I can only defend hosts that I listen to I will say that none of them have that attitude at all. And if a host is right there is always going to be someone that thinks they're an idiot. If someone tells me the sky is red when I can see that it is blue I will be interpreted as having an "I'm right and you're an idiot" attitude. So be it. Most critics of conservative talk radio hosts have only listened to certain hosts for a very, very short time anyway and have not grasped the host's personality.

I find it amusing when I hear callers tell a host "I know you're going to hang up on me because I disagree with you, etc. etc." It's obvious that these are first-time callers and all that they know about the host that they are calling is what they've heard from other people because in the decade or more than I've listened to talk radio I can honestly say that I've ever heard anyone hung up on because they disagreed with a certain host. Some calls were abrubtly ended because the caller was not making any sense - this happens all the time. I remember a caller to Mark Levin in December who kept saying "I know you're going to hang up on me now" - the caller couldn't even get to his point.


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