Sunday, August 06, 2006

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Mark, let me ask you this: Israel certainly needs to defend itself, it certainly should defend it’s right to exist, but this administration has had nothing but disengagement. That has been their policy for the past six years. Clinton was engaged, Carter was engaged, Bush 41 was engaged with Lawrence Eagleburger. This administration, their policy has been disengagement. Isn’t—-
MARK LEVIN:—Excuse me, excuse me. Why are you excusing the enemy? Why are you excusing the terrorists?
COLMES: That’s not what I said—
LEVIN:—Excuse me! You’re blaming George Bush for Hezbollah killing Israels—
COLMES: I didn’t say that—
LEVIN:—EXCUSE ME! We have 140,000 American troops in Iraq, I would call that engagement [audience cheering], we have 20,000 American troops in Afghanistan, I would call that engagement.
Ratings soar for Michael Savage! (
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Despite so many people hating this man - his ratings are only evidence that more people love the guy! has a growing thread pro and con Savage.


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