Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blander than cheap white bread...

Last night on The Right Perspective, the host called Curtis Sliwa a "schmuck."

At the end of Mark Simone's show this morning on WABC he dug into American Idol for a few minutes and I was laughing out loud as I tried to write down some quotes:
About Idol host Ryan Seacrest: "(He) makes John Kerry seem personable."
About the show in general: "Why all the singing? Just have them come out and have Simon Cowell make fun of them."

I've been trying to tell people the same thing about Ryan Seacrest for a long time. I am sure he's a really swell guy but the dude is blander than cheap white bread. He has no personality. he's boring to look at and what's the deal with Don Johnson-like five-day stubble that never seems to grow? American Idol is the hottest show on TV, why was Seacrest chosen to host it? I listened to his Top 40 radio show and the commercials were more interesting to listen to than anything that Seacrest said.'s Larry Kudlow on WABC until noon, then Monica Crowley for the first part of the afternoon...


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